Product FAQs

The Blends

Like to know exactly what you’re putting in your body? Us too! Our blends contain a variety of plant powders, fruit powders, mushroom powders, as well as herbal ingredients. Some of the blends also contain added vitamins. Ever heard of adaptogens? They’re so clever – they know what your body needs to do before you do. All of the ingredients in our blends are clearly detailed on the packaging, so that you can take a look at all the goodness you’re getting in each cup. You. Are. Welcome.

The blends have been formulated by expert nutritionists to contain a variety of natural ingredients which provide a range of benefits. A lot of science and testing went into getting each blend exactly right to do their job (and be super tasty!)

If you have one of our blends each day, mixing and matching between the different blends, you’ll be getting a really good, wide range of nutrition in just one cup. You’ll love how simple it is to get all your goodness in.

Our blends let you choose a cup of goodness that has everything you need, based on how you feel that day. By putting all the right stuff in the blend with the right dosage to feel a difference, you can clear out the 20+ different jars in your supplement cupboard, because everything you need is now in one place. Plus, all this is contained in stylish packaging which looks great on your kitchen side. And our “No BS”, easy to understand blend names, mean you can reach for the right one at the right time without having to Google the ingredients.

Absolutely you can! We just don’t recommend consuming the pink or blue blend more than once a day – there’s enough goodness in one cup.

Sure, but we’d encourage you to drink some with water rather than with milk, or a milk alternative. Listen to your body and see how you feel. If you feel like you need it then take it. If you feel like your energy is good, then take a day off and save your dose for another day.

We’ve taken the time to source our ingredients from where they grow best naturally, as for the best health benefits and ingredients, you need the climate. Thanks to the weather in Manchester, while our blends are well, blended, in the UK, we source ingredients from all over the world. Where possible, we source ingredients from their home-grown countries e.g. Turmeric from India and Matcha from Japan. All of our ingredient suppliers are highly certified, vetted and scrutinised by our purchasing team.

It will be different for everyone, some people might need to take it for longer to feel the full benefit of the product, whereas others will feel the benefit on the first day.

Each blend contains a 30 day serving – you’ll definitely feel the difference in that time. The array of adaptogens in there, the superfoods, minerals and vitamins, are more than enough to feel good. For some people, Catch Some Zen will work on night one, and for others, it will be night three – it depends on your magnesium status.

Yes you can. All of the blends (while containing good enough levels of the ingredients to feel great) are not going into dosages that would mean you’re taking too much of any one ingredient. We’ve created these blends with mostly foods rather than vitamins and minerals. That said, if you scan over our ingredients and you notice you’re already taking a supplement that’s within the blend (for example Lion’s Mane) by all means check with your health professional like a nutritional therapist who might tell you to reduce the dosage. They might also say the more the merrier, but either way, it’s good to check.

Firstly, congratulations! If you’re prenatal or postnatal and feeding your baby, we’d recommend you consult a health professional as our products haven’t been specifically tested for their suitability. You’ll have enough to think about with a new baby as it is, without worrying if you’re eating and drinking the right things. As everyone responds differently to different ingredients, check what you can/ can’t have and hopefully they’ll recommend a Raise and Replenish blend for new/expecting mums that will give you a pick me up right when you need it most!

All of our blends and dosages are designed on adult dosages, so we recommend over the age of 12 and you’ll be good to go. You can always check with your local nutritionist to see what younger children can and can’t have though!

Mostly yes, but check with your health professional to be on the safe side if you’re worried. The only one we would strongly advise you to avoid if you are on blood thinners is Thirst Aid Kit which also potentially has blood thinning ingredients. One other thing to bear in mind is that That Glow Tho has some liver detoxing ingredients, so we recommend taking away from medication (as in a different time) so you don’t detox your meds before they have a chance to do you good and get to work.

All of our ingredients are natural but the blends are not 100% organic. We’re doing our best to invest in more organic ingredients while also trying to keep our price from going through the roof for you. We’re also getting the right ingredients organic first while we continue to develop and refine them.

Great news – they’re all Vegan friendly!

Yep, so if you’re cutting out the sugar, they’re perfect for you. Or, give you a great excuse to indulge in treats.

Yes! Although we recommend you blend them with plant based milk, the blends themselves are nut free.

They sure are! We’re all natural, baby!

They sure are!

The type of milk you use will affect how the colour turns out. Harvest periods and differences in colour of the raw ingredients can also impact the colour. While we love the vibrant colours, we think it’s more important to keep our product all natural for you, which means we wouldn’t want to put any fake colouring in it.

How to make the best lattes

Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Don’t store anywhere above 25°C. Also, keep them out of the reach of little hands.

The blends contain a variety of natural plant powders which are not 100% water-soluble because they contain insoluble material such as pulp or insoluble fibre. To get the perfect smooth texture, we recommend mixing the powder with hot milk or water (and then serving over ice if you prefer to drink cold). Shake or stir the drink well with a whisk or milk frother to disperse this powder before consuming. Enjoy!

Yes – what a great idea! A more naturally coloured blend like a vanilla protein is best to keep the blends in those vibrant Raise and Replenish colours.

Yes, yes, yes please send us your recipes! The only one we’d avoid is using Thirst Aid Kit as it contains Flax Powder which doesn’t cook well!

Packaging & Eco Credentials

Yes it’s all recyclable. We’re a start up and we’re doing our best to make everything we use recyclable as a minimum. But more than that, we’ll always be looking to reduce the impact on the environment in everything we do. We’re a work in progress and are only at the start of our journey to do good stuff for our planet and community.

Also, all our blends were manufactured in a facility that is certified ISO 14001. 

At the moment we don’t, but bear with us on this as it’s part of our plan. Sign up to our emails and follow our socials to always be the first to hear what’s next.

Storage & Best Before

Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Do not store above 25°C. Store out of the immediate reach of children.

See base of tub.

Disclaimer: Don’t despair if your blend isn’t as vibrant as you’d hope. Shades will vary as we refuse to add any food colouring so we can keep your blends all natural, baby!