Adapto-what now?- Get the low down on Adaptogens

Keep hearing people talk about adaptogens but not sure what to make of it all? Well, we quizzed our local nutritional therapist on the buzziest ingredient out at the moment to get you the info you need, direct from an expert. Here’s what they had to say…

Raise and Replenish: Adaptogens and superfoods are everywhere at the minute, right? But what exactly are they and do they really make a huge difference healthwise?

Nutritional Guru: “The body is always naturally trying to restore a state of homeostasis, put simply – trying to get back into balance. Our modern way of living means that the body is consistently facing stressors, meaning that it becomes more challenged to restore balance. If this stress continues at heightened levels for too long, it will eventually become too fatigued to restore this natural balance.”

“It is important to take time out to allow the body to ‘rest and digest’ to allow periods of reset at the same time as refuelling the body with the right nutrients to optimise our health. This is where certain plants and mushrooms, known as adaptogens, can play a role. They essentially assist the body in adapting to ongoing stressful situations, helping it to regain balance.”

Raise and Replenish: What’s the biggest reason adaptogens and superfoods should be in our diet right now?

Nutritional Guru: “Superfoods are slightly different to adaptogens in that they can be any type of food. The word superfoods itself has no legal definition but more so refers to a food having a superior nutritional status to another food in a similar food group.”

“This may be that the antioxidant capacity of a specific food is significant per gram or that the nutrient or phytonutrient content is significantly higher by weight than a food that would be considered a counterpart.”