Clear out your cupboards: the only superfood you need is here!

Powder spoons of our plant-based latte blends

Not another superfood… Don’t worry, here’s why we’re different.


There’s a lot of noise out there telling you what supplements you should be taking. It can be conflicting, confusing, and leave you with a cupboard overflowing with tubs, jars and packets all claiming to be vital to take every day. And that’s the problem. There’s just too much. It’s overwhelming, for you and your cupboards. And that’s why R&R is different.

We’ve developed a handful of blends to choose from that contain everything you need based on how you feel that day. We’ve put all the right stuff in the blend with the right dosage to feel a difference. so you don’t need to raid your supplement cupboard and come up with your own concoction. As an added bonus, our blends have uber stylish packaging which look great on your kitchen side. And our “No BS”, easy to understand blend names mean you can reach for the right one at the right time without having to Google all the ingredients. Phew! .

We asked a nutritionist for their POV on this – here’s what she said….”Raise and Replenish blends have been carefully formulated by an experienced team of Health and Wellness experts, Registered Nutritional Therapists, taste connoisseurs and designers to bring you a truly holistic product which feels great, looks great, tastes great and does great things. They’ve picked out and sourced the finest ingredients and blended the product in the UK. It’s honestly just the highest quality product. Each and every blend is carefully designed with synergistic combinations of adaptogens, herbs, medicinal mushrooms and nutrients to offer targeted support for your health.”