Got Matcha on your mind? See how this blend is Supercharged

Want a mind and body energy boost, but don’t like the jittery side effects of those espresso shots? BOOM! Our Plug Me In blend is what you’ve been looking for! We’ve poured in pure matcha for slow releasing caffeine and L-theanine for a calming focus that forgoes the jitters. Add a little lemon balm and siberian ginseng for extra stress reduction and zap! We’ve created a formula that both recharges your battery and keeps you calm so you can carry on.

Nutritional Therapist POV: We asked our go-to NT why they love Plug Me In and how they’d use it…

“Plug Me In is a great pick-me-up blend.  Ideal for both pre-workout support or just getting a little energy boost for that mid-morning focus or getting through that mid-afternoon slump.  The perfect blend anytime your energy is feeling a little low, yet you need to keep your focus to be at the top of your game.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

So what exactly is in Plug Me In?

+Matcha  – a rich source of ECGC and a potent antioxidant). Although a source of slight caffeine for uplifting, this is balanced with its concentration of L-theanine which is extremely calming and keeps focus.

+Lions Mane – a medicinal mushroom mostly used for digestive calming and for nervous system health. It’s quite unique in that it promotes Nerve Growth Factor or NGF, so people find that they’re mentally sharper, quicker reflexes etc when they use it. The fact that this works for digestive health too is related to the Gut-Brain Connection via vagus nerve activity… the whole connection here is fascinating and hence why when people feel intense stress, it affects their bowels!

+Lemon Balm – part of the mint family and extremely calming too whilst keeping focus.

+Ginseng – an adaptogen which helps to balance and replenish the adrenals during stress.  When the adrenals are out, blood sugar balance is affected and cinnamon helps to balance this and improves glucose tolerance.

This is a bandwagon your body and mind will thank you for jumping on.

Get your mitts around our Matcha blend now – shop Plug Me In!

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