Is there such a thing as too much goodness?

You asked, we answered!

Can I drink more than one blend in a day?

People are loving our blends so much they’re asking us how many they can have in one day! The official line: Go for it – mix and match to your heart’s content. We just don’t recommend consuming the pink or blue blend more than once a day – one cup of those is enough goodness.

Can you drink all five blends in a day? We wanna know how to get all the goodness!

We’d say listen to your body – no one knows what you need better than you! Listen to your body and see how you feel. If you feel like you need it, then enjoy it. If you feel like your energy is good, take a day off and save your dose for another day. If you want multiple blends in the day, we’d just encourage you to take some with water rather than with milk or a milk alternative.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what an expert nutritionist had to say about incorporating our blends into a weekly wellness routine…

“I would advise clients to listen to their bodies and be mindful to understand their nutritional needs on any given day. It might be that they have things on their mind and sleep is being illusive… in that situation, I would recommend both nutrition and lifestyle elements like avoiding social media before bed, avoiding stimulants such as caffeine too late in the day, taking time to run that bath or use those essential oils that they find relaxing and enjoying a cup of Get Some Zen. It might be that they have an important presentation that they need to keep focused for in which case, I would advise them to include foods beforehand to help to keep the blood sugar balanced and enjoy a cup of Plug Me In before going into the meeting. It might be that they are feeling under the weather and feeling that they need a little immune support in which case, I would recommend Thirst Aid Kit.”

Many of you are also asking if our blends can be used in recipes. Well just click here for plenty of inspo on how you can sneak them into recipes! Immunity granola bars anyone?